Hardwire Ballistic Window Inserts Stay Perfectly Intact During Full Airbag Deployment Crash

(image: abc7 NY)

Three police officers racing to the scene of a dispute between a knife-wielding tenant and his landlord struck a utility pole with their Hardwire armored patrol car. Even through the high speed crash, Hardwire's Ballistic Window Inserts and Door Armor Panels stayed tightly in place and intact on both the driver and passenger sides. Both airbags in the Impala Police Cruiser deployed and the officers were said to have suffered minor injuries from the crash.

Watch the video to see the whole story and skip to 1:31 to see the patrol car with Hardwire's window inserts completely unaffected by the crash. 


Philly PD unveils Hardwire's Bulletproof Windows and Door Armor on Patrol Cars

Hardwire's vehicle armor products are now protecting yet another major city with their innovative design and superior technology derived from advanced military applications. Click the video above to see more. 

Made On Delmarva: Hardwire


Hardwire's feature on 47 ABC's Made On Delmarva

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - A little bit of protection in the right place, can help subtract bullets from the equation.


Las Vegas Nevada- Largest Mass Shooting in Current U.S. History

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families, and friends of the Las Vegas shooting.

As events like this continue to occur, Hardwire will continue to work tirelessly to provide immediate protection in the event of an active shooter situation.

We have implemented bulletproof whiteboards in concert venues, sports complexes, restaurants and bars as well as personal protection in the form of backpack inserts and body armor. 

Hardwire will continue to work hard in our mission to save as many lives as possible. 

Las Vegas Shooting  NBC News