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Taken from Policeone.com. Full article available here.

I went to see Keith Fahl at Safariland to talk about some of the new innovations in ballistic panels. He was handing me panels and telling me the specs for each panel. Finally, he handed me a Safariland Hardwire front soft armor panel.


“That’s a Level IIIa,” Keith said. “Where?” I asked. “You’re holding it.” Startled, I dropped it.

The Safariland Hardwire panel weighs .68lbs. It’s about half as thick as similar products.

I told Keith that I had...

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Hardwire Soft Armor is the Lightest in the World

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Hardwire's new soft armor is a combination of perfectly interlaced multi-functional fibers and game-changing polymer technology. Made of Dyneema® and pressured under 25 million pounds of force at precise temperatures, hardwire turns multiple layers of material into a single system. The results are millions of fibers that once acted independently, now acting as one.

Hardwire's proprietary manufacturing technology equates to the lightest armor in the world, with unprecedented stopping power. This sets a new standard in shock dissipation physics, momentum transfer efficiency...

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2016 Champions of Maryland Manufacturing

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Hardwire, LLC recognized as Champion of Manufacturing in the State of Maryland.

George Tunis exemplifies "Increasing Growth Through Visionary Leadership" as George started Hardwire in 2000. For years, Hardwire focused on military vehicle protection, but George saw new opportunities, and expanded to protective systems for law enforcement and civilians. Hardwire was recently contracted to armor the New York Police Department vehicle fleet and make the world's lightest body armor. This growth has filtered into other local companies too. Hardwire acquired a third building in Pocomoke, expanding to 140,000square feet of manufacturing space. Hardwire employees earn an...

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