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It looks like University of Maryland Eastern Shore is trying a new tactic to control campus safety: Bulletproof Whiteboards.

Unlike most colleges bent on boosting security on school grounds that are in the midst of readdressing gun policies and installing new video monitoring systems, UMES is taking a different route, spending $60,000 on whiteboards that can stop bullets, according to a news release.

The university has announced that they have committed to buying 200 Bulletproof Whiteboards developed by local Pocomoke City-based Hardwire LLC. The decision was officially made public...

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Calling "campus violence a reality" to prepare for, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore announced plans Thursday to spend $60,000 on the Clark Kent of teacher supplies: an innocuous-looking white board that can stop bullets.

The high-tech tablet — which hangs on a hook, measures 18 by 20 inches and comes in pink, blue and green — can be used as a personal shield for professors under attack, according to the company that makes it, and a portable writing pad in quieter times.

"It needs to be...

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Ballistic shields do double duty in classrooms

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In most mass school shootings that have occurred in the U.S., the gunmen were armed with handguns, shotguns or smaller-caliber rifles and met their first resistance from building staff, not from first responders.

So teachers become reluctant first responders, with typically nothing but their bodies to protect kids from bullets, George Tunis, chairman and CEO of Hardwire LLC, Pocomoke City, Md., told representatives of several Berks County police departments Tuesday.

Tunis, whose company specializes in making armor for military and paramilitary units, sought an answer to this problem and he says he found it in the success of ballistic...

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