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Hardwire develops and manufactures spall liners, proprietary armor and protective solutions for a variety of military, vehicle, and homeland security applications, including:

  • High-performance base armor for tactical vehicles (Hardwire HDX and HD armor)
  • Add-on EFP kits
  • E-glass armor for buildings and structures for Department of State and the U.S. Army for various military installations
  • Multi-threat armor to protect domestic critical transportation infrastructure (bridges, tunnels)
  • Hardwire Armorstone® to protect critical facilities including utilities
  • Composite reinforcements for concrete structures, highway bridges, and for composites applications

Hardwire can produce composite armors of various materials, including Dyneema, other UHMWPE’s, Dyneema films, soft body armor aramids, e-glass and other ballistic glass products, and various hybrids designed for specific end-uses. Most notably, Hardwire is the world’s largest producer and supplier of Dyneema®-based armor solutions. Hardwire also offers Dyneema-based spall liners with built in fire protection, which is a critical element in composite spall liners. These solutions have been supplied by Hardwire and have been fielded in UK military vehicles. In addition, Hardwire produces aftermarket armor “kits”, packed to ship overseas for various spares, support, reset, and recap programs.


Engineering and Testing Services

Hardwire is a leading developer of advanced lightweight composite armor solutions for tactical wheeled vehicles. Hardwire provides engineering services to develop solutions to defeat the most difficult emerging threats facing U.S. warfighters such as EFPs, APs, and IEDs.

Hardwire also conducts live fire testing for emerging threats (shape charge, EFP, under vehicle blast, etc) at its dedicated partner site in western Kentucky.

  • Hardwire supplements its engineering and manufacturing capabilities with a full scope of in-house ballistic and live-fire threat testing facilities for 14.5mm, 20mm, 30mm, 7.62mm, 30 caliber, 50 caliber and small arms


Production Capabilities

Hardwire has three facilities including a state-of-the-art 90,000 ft² production facility that was completed in July 2008. Hardwire’s estimated total capacity to produce composite armor is estimated to be 4-5 million ft² per year, depending on the size and thickness of the armor solutions.

Key equipment:

  • High pressure press #1 – 7,500 ton laminating, vacuum press
  • High pressure press #2 – 12,500 ton laminating, vacuum press
  • Water jets, 6kW lasers, CNC bender
  • CNC milling center



Hardwire has an unsurpassed record of quality performance. Of the more than 100,000 individual composite Dyneema parts Hardwire has produced over the past couple of years, we have had zero quality defects in the field. Every Hardwire part is individually checked for quality compliance then released for shipment. During the ramp-up to the U.S. Army’s MRAP production programs, Hardwire’s manufacturing processes were validated by the Joint Program Office (JPO) to support programs in excess of 500 vehicles per month. Hardwire more than doubled its capacity in 2009 to support the U.S. Army M-ATV program, establishing a capacity of about 10 million pounds per year of composite armor.


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