Infrastructure Technologies


Bridges are one the most vulnerable assets of our transportation infrastructure. They are susceptible to damage or destruction from many threats, both accidental and intentional in nature. In either case, the risks are very real, and they must be managed by Bridge Owners and Port Authorities to ensure the continued and safe operation of our bridges and ports.

Since 2002, no other company has done as much as Hardwire in protecting our nation's bridges and infrastructure. Hardwire has worked hand-in-hand with government entities, bridge engineers, and contractors to develop, test, manufacture, and install turnkey solutions for fire, cutting, blast, fragmentation, and ballistic threats. Utilizing our extensive experience and unique capabilities, Hardwire has fortified critical infrastructure around the United States.

Hardwire and its partner, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, and have a proven history of success that can't be matched.


At Hardwire, we design and develop our infrastructure solutions to meet the most demanding threats. Of critical importance, our systems are also designed to perform in the harshest of dynamic environments. Our structured approach to design and development of new armor ensures that customer requirements are met. Hardwire's extensive experience against a variety of threats, ranging from fire to blast to ballistics, enables our team to (1) analyze the threats of interest to a specific project, (2) identify the right materials to mitigate the threat, and (3) design the system to integrate onto the final structure. Throughout this design process, all requirements of the customer are considered, including the weight, size, protection level, environment, and vibration of the overall system. At Hardwire, all of our development is done with state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling CAD.


Testing and performance validation of the infrastructure protection systems is critical to ensuring the armor will perform when needed. In addition to Modeling and Simulation (M&S), Hardwire is also an industry leader in testing and validation with extensive in-house capabilities. We have invested extensively in the tools and facilities required to validate our solutions and demonstrate that our systems meet or exceed all customer requirements.

Testing Capabilities and Facilities:

  • Fire Threats: Fire chambers capable of running hydrocarbon pool fire tests on parts up to 50" in diameter.
  • Cutting Threats: Mechanical saws with blades up to 16 diameter, oxy acetylene torches, and thermal lance cutting tools.
  • Ballistic Threats: Ballistic gun tunnels capable of testing ammunition from the smallest handguns up to a 30mm cannon.
  • Blast and Explosive Threats: Diamond cutting charges, linear shaped charges, satchel charges, explosively formed projectiles, bulk explosive charges, and other improvised explosive devices.


Hardwire's manufacturing facilities are located in Pocomoke City, Maryland. With over 130,000 ft2 total, and approximately 30,000 ft2 dedicated to bridge armor manufacturing, Hardwire's facilities are state-of-the-art and automated. Our precision manufacturing equipment and ISO-compliant quality procedures ensure the right part is delivered to the customer the first time, every time.