Dyneema® Full Size Blank Armor Panels

Dyneema® Full Size Blank Armor Panels

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Hardwire is offering 60 "X 115" Dyneema panels for your custom ballistic protection project. Each panel is certified to either NIJ Level 3 or Level 3A. These panels come in white, carbon fiber, or wood grain finish with a dry erase film option.
  • 100% Dyneema® panel.
  • Standard dimensions: 60" X 120"
  • Lightweight
    • Level 3A: 50 lbs
    • Level 3: 188 lbs
  • Can be cut with jigsaw or band saw to your desired shape.
  • Optional dry erase surface for writing.
  • Available in NIJ level 3A or NIJ level 3 protection (Certified to NIJ 0108.01)
  • Absorbs multiple rounds of ammunition from any handgun or shotgun without ricochet.
  • White, carbon or wood grain color finish

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