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Hardwire, VTV Family Outreach and 32NCSI
Hardwire proudly announces its sponsorship of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation and 32NCSI Helping to promote campus safety Read more...

Hardwire Recognizes Generous Donations to several Schools

Hardwire and ShorebirdsHardwire is officially a certified HUBZone Small Business
Bradd Staggs The Balze feature on Man-Pack with Hardwire Bulletproof Insert Man-Pack offering Bulletproof Inserts on selected purchases
Video featured on Brad Staggs the Blaze.

got to Man-Pack for more information. The Bulletproof Classroom: Shielding Kids From Shooters

USA Today Report: 'Active shooter' incidents on the rise.
Bulletproof Whiteboards, Clipboards, and Inserts are available to keep you safe!